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Dalia Industries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on January 4, 2000, and was registered under Ministry of Finance Malaysia in 2003. The status of this company is 100% Bumiputra and paid-up capital is RM 5 Million. The board of directors and shareholders are SHamsul Bakri bin Ismail, Daliawati binti Ismail, and Shuib bin Ibrahim.

Our company tends to focus more on the industrial production of concrete poles. Our priority is to provide quality concrete products especially for our clients.

Experienced more than 15 years in the market, our company is supported by a network of high caliber talent and experience in related industries. With this capability, we are commited to producing quality products & recognized.


To be the leading manufacturer of quality Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Poles in the South East Asia.


To support national and regional development of modern technology

Develop/acquire better technology/personnel in the industry

Develop better/new products through R&D

Expansion through product export and opening new production line

Premium awards

We have been awarded by various company throughout the years so you can be sure you always get fully valuable products and services.

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positive feedback




years of experience

Our Office

  • Dalia Industries
    Lot 1, Lengkok Emas
    Nilai Industrial Area
    71800 Nilai,
    Negeri Sembilan.

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